Fishing and Hunting Charters

Whether you're a hunter, a fisherman, or just a lover of the outdoors, Southeast Alaska and the Tongass National Forest has something for everyone. Pacific Airways provides safe and reliable transportation to dozens of U.S. Forest Service Cabins.

The U.S. Forest Service maintains cabins throughout the Tongass National Forest. These cabins come in several styles including Pan Abode, A-Frame, and Plywood. The cabins can be reserved for a small nightly fee. You can find detailed information, maps, and pictures of all the cabins available here. Cabin reservations can be made over the internet at

Many of these cabins can only be accessed by air, and Pacific Airways can get you there. We operate the DeHavilland Beaver aircraft. The table below describes the limits of this aircraft. Keep in mind that useful load is the total weight the aircraft can carry, including passengers, no matter how many seats are occupied. If you have any questions please contact us toll free at 1-877-360-3500 or via email at

Aircraft Load Guidelines

The guidelines below will help you to plan your load so that all passengers and gear will fit in the aircraft. If you have specific concerns contact us to determine the best option for your trip.

Aircraft Seats Useful Load
Beaver 6 1200 lbs.

Sample DeHavilland Beaver Load
4 Passengers (Approx. 175lbs. ea.)
2 Ice Chests with Food
4 Duffle Bags or Medium Suitcases
1 4hp Outboard Motor
1 Stove, Lantern, Cook Kit, Fishing Gear
Total Weight Not To Exceed 1200lbs.

USFS Cabin Charter Rates

We provide charter flying service to the following cabins, if you don't see the cabin your interested in on this list call us, chances are we can still help you. Cabins marked with an asterisk are dependent on tidal conditions and may have a limited window of time, per day, that they may be accessed.

Cabin Flight Time Round-Trip (hrs) Round-Trip Price (Beaver)
Alava Bay* 1.6 $1232.00
Anchor Pass 2.0 $1540.00
Bakewell Lake 2.0 $1540.00
Barnes Lake* 2.8 $2156.00
Big Goat Lake 2.4 $1848.00
Black Bear Lake 2.2 $1694.00
Blind Pass 1.6 $1232.00
Checats Lake 2.0 $1540.00
Ella Narrows 1.3 $1000.00
Essowah Lake 3.2 $2464.00
Fish Creek 1.2 $924.00
Heckman Lake 1.4 $1078.00
Helm Bay 1.2 $924.00
Helm Creek 1.2 $924.00
Hugh Smith Lake 1.8 $1386.00
Humpback Lake 2.0 $1540.00
Josephine Lake 1.8 $1386.00
Karta Lake 1.8 $1386.00
Karta River* 1.8 $1386.00
Kegan Cove* 1.8 $1386.00
Kegan Creek 1.8 $1386.00
Manzanita Lake 1.6 $1332.00
McDonald Lake 2.0 $1540.00
Patching Lake 1.3 $1000.00
Rainbow Lake 1.4 $1078.00
Red Bay Lake 3.6 $2772.00
Reflection Lake 2.2 $1694.00
Salmon Bay Lake 3.2 $2464.00
Salmon Lake 1.8 $1386.00
Sarkar Lake 3.2 $2464.00
Shipley Bay 3.2 $2464.00
Staney Creek 2.8 $2156.00
Sweetwater Lake 2.8 $2156.00
Wilson Narrows 2.0 $1540.00
Wilson View 2.0 $1540.00
Winstanley Island 1.8 $1386.00
Winstanley Lake 1.8 $1386.00