flight schedules

The following flight schedule is Effective July 1, 2015 through August 15, 2015.

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Craig, Alaska
Flight # From To Depart Arrive Frequency
206 Ketchikan Craig 06:00AM 06:40AM Daily
402 Ketchikan Craig 07:30AM 08:10AM Daily
200 Ketchikan Craig 09:30AM 10:10AM Daily
202 Ketchikan Craig 12:30PM 01:10PM Daily
208 Ketchikan Craig 02:00PM 02:40PM Daily
204 Ketchikan Craig 05:00PM 05:40PM Daily
207 Craig Ketchikan 06:45AM 07:25AM Daily
403 Craig Ketchikan 08:15AM 08:55AM Daily
201 Craig Ketchikan 10:15AM 10:55AM Daily
203 Craig Ketchikan 01:15PM 01:55PM Daily
209 Craig Ketchikan 02:45PM 03:25PM Daily
205 Craig Ketchikan 05:45PM 06:25PM Daily

Hollis, Alaska
Flight # From To Depart Arrive Frequency
402 Ketchikan Hollis 07:30AM 07:55AM Daily
200 Ketchikan Hollis 09:30AM 09:55AM Daily
302 Ketchikan Hollis 12:30PM 12:55PM Daily
304 Ketchikan Hollis 05:00PM 05:25PM Daily
403 Hollis Ketchikan 08:30AM 08:55AM Daily
201 Hollis Ketchikan 10:30AM 10:55AM Daily
303 Hollis Ketchikan 01:15PM 01:40PM Daily
305 Hollis Ketchikan 05:45PM 06:10PM Daily

Metlakatla, Alaska
Flight # From To Depart Arrive Frequency
100 Ketchikan Metlakatla 08:45AM 08:58AM Daily
102 Ketchikan Metlakatla 11:30AM 11:43AM Daily
104 Ketchikan Metlakatla 03:00PM 03:13PM Daily
101 Metlakatla Ketchikan 09:00AM 09:13AM Daily
103 Metlakatla Ketchikan 11:45AM 11:58AM Daily
105 Metlakatla Ketchikan 03:15PM 03:28PM Daily

Thorne Bay, Alaska
Flight # From To Depart Arrive Frequency
306 Ketchikan Thorne Bay 06:00AM 06:25AM Daily
400 Ketchikan Thorne Bay 07:30AM 07:55AM Daily
300 Ketchikan Thorne Bay 09:30AM 09:55AM Daily
302 Ketchikan Thorne Bay 12:30PM 01:00PM Daily
304 Ketchikan Thorne Bay 05:00PM 05:30PM Daily
307 Thorne Bay Ketchikan 06:30AM 06:55AM Daily
401 Thorne Bay Ketchikan 08:00AM 08:25AM Daily
301 Thorne Bay Ketchikan 10:00AM 10:25AM Daily
303 Thorne Bay Ketchikan 01:00PM 01:40PM Daily
305 Thorne Bay Ketchikan 05:30PM 06:10PM Daily