About Us

Based in Ketchikan, Alaska, Pacific Airways was founded in April of 2000. The founding partners all came from varied backgrounds in Alaskan aviation, with over 50 years of combined experience in flight operations, dispatch, maintenance, and airline management. Since that time we have continually strived to improve the company by focusing on remaining flexible, and committed to the needs of our customers. That focus has resulted in our company goal of providing safe and reliable floatplane transportation throughout southern Southeast Alaska. We have the finest staff and safety record of any airline in our market. We maintain active membership in the Alaskan Air Carriers Association, National Air Transportation Association, and the Better Business Bureau. Part of our commitment to safety is active participation in the FAA's Capstone Program and the Medallion Foundation.
Steve Montanus
Title: President
Email: smontanus@flypacificairways.com

Steve is a founder of Pacific Airways. Prior to this he worked for various carriers in Alaska and the Caribbean in dispatch and management. He is an FAA licensed Aircraft Dispatcher and holds an Associate's Degree in Aviation Technology, a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Management, as well as a Masters Degree in Software Engineering.

Chris Montanus
Title: General Manager
Email: cpm@flypacificairways.com

Chris has been with Pacific Airways since it's founding in 2000. He regularly dispatches for the company, but can also often be found working on the dock, at the airport, as well as covering the Craig station. He is an FAA licensed Aircraft Dispatcher and has also worked for PSA Airlines, a subsidiary of American Airlines.

Danielle Rhoads
Title: Airport Station Manager
Email: drhoads@flypacificairways.com

Danielle is another key employee of Pacific Airways who has been with the company since it's beginnings. She manages the company's station at the Ketchikan International Airport and can always be counted on to provide superior customer service. Danielle has worked in the Alaskan aviation industry for over two decades. In addition to Pacific Airways she has worked for a variety of small carriers as well as Mark Air.